1. Select the correct option.

To determine what is needed and who will do it, is an important task of a manager. 

Technically it is known as

(A) Staffing

(B) Organizing

(C) Leading

(D) Controlling

Answer: (B)

2. Select the correct option:

Intramural and extramural are two important programmes of physical education. Among 

them intramural is

(A) A recreative sport

(B) A competitive sport

(C) A fitness sport

(D) An indigenous sport

Answer: (A)

3. Select the correct option. In the field of human interaction, the essence of management is

(A) Co-operation

(B) Co-ordination

(C) Co-action

(D) Co-existence

Answer: (B)

4. Select the correct option. Eysenck personality inventory measures

(A) Only one dimension of personality

(B) Only two dimensions of personality

(C) Only four dimensions of personality

(D) All dimensions of personality

Answer: (B)

5. The Brozek et al (1963) equation for computing body fat % from body density is

(A) Fat % = [2.39 / 1.57 × Body density – 4.19] × 100

(B) Fat % = [(4.57 ÷ Body density) – 5.142] × 100

(C) Fat % = [(4.57 ÷ Body density) – 4.142] × 100

(D) Fat % = [4.507 / 100 × Body density – 6.142] × 100

Answer: (C)

6. A variable that is responsible for bringing about a change is called

(A) Controlled variable

(B) Dependent variable

(C) Independent variable

(D) Constant variable

Answer: (C)

7. The value of coefficient of correlation ranges between

(A) 00 – 1.00

(B) (–1) – 00

(C) 1.00 – 00

(D) (–1.00) – 1.00

Answer: (D)

8. Mode is a measure of central tendency. It is considered as

(A) Average of the scores

(B) Most frequently occurring score

(C) Value in middle

(D) Sum of all scores

Answer: (B)

9. The research where the investigator can manipulate treatments to cause things happen is

(A) Qualitative research

(B) Analytical research

(C) Experimental research

(D) Descriptive research

Answer: (C)

10. Cluster sampling is a type of

(A) Purposive sampling

(B) Probability sampling

(C) Non-Probability sampling

(D) Non-Random sampling

Answer: (B)