1. Building block of the body is

(A) Vitamins

(B) Carbohydrates

(C) Proteins

(D) Minerals

Answer: (C)

2. In the Olympic events, the gold medal awarded for the first place has the following ratio of 

(A) Silver gilt with 8 grams of fine gold

(B) Silver gilt with 7 grams of fine gold

(C) Silver gilt with 6 grams of fine gold

(D) Silver gilt with 10 grams of fine gold

Answer: (C)

3. Name the first Principal of YMCA college of Physical Education, Madras (Chennai):

(A) P.M. Joseph

(B) H.C. Buck

(C) G.D. Sondhi

(D) A.K. Singh

Answer: (B)

4. All India Council of Sport was formed in

(A) 1954

(B) 1953

(C) 1952

(D) 1951

Answer: (A)

5. The first member of International Olympic Committee from India was

(A) G.D. Sondhi

(B) Raja Bhalinder Singh

(C) Sir Dorabji Tata

(D) P.M. Joseph

Answer: (C)

6. Harward Step Test measures

(A) Muscular efficiency of the knee muscles

(B) Cardio-respiratory efficiency

(C) Cardio-pulmonary index

(D) Respiratory pulmonary index

Answer: (B)

7. The sequence of deformities in spine from top to bottom is

(A) Lordosis -> Kyphosis -> Spondolysis

(B) Kyphosis -> Lordosis -> Spardolysis

(C) Spardolysis -> Kyphosis -> Lordosis

(D) None of the above

Answer: (C)

8. Free hand exercises done generally in group are called

(A) Circuit training

(B) Callisthenics

(C) Drill and marching

(D) Weight training

Answer: (A)

9. Which of the following is against the principles of organization?

(A) Overlapping of authority

(B) Proper decentralization

(C) Delegation of power

(D) Proper communication

Answer: (A)

10. Getting the right facts to the right people at the right time in the right way is called

(A) Game management

(B) Public relations in sport

(C) Motivation in sport

(D) Leadership in sport

Answer: (B)