1. Select the correct option: Flexion and extension occur around

(A) Medio-lateral axis

(B) Anterio-posterior axis

(C) Vertical axis

(D) Sagittal axis

Answer: (A)

2. Select the correct option: Modern concept of Physical Education was started:

(A) After 1920

(B) After 1957

(C) In the last decade of nineteenth century

(D) After 1960

Answer: (C)

3. Select the correct option: Cardiovascular system can be best trained for performance in 

    endurance events by practicing in

(A) Ballistic exercises

(B) Yogic practices

(C) Aerobic exercises

(D) Anaerobic exercises

Answer: (C)

4. Select the correct option: A behaviour where opponent is psychologically and or physically 

    harmed but the goal is to win is called

(A) Hostile aggression

(B) Assertive behaviour

(C) Instrumental aggression

(D) Violent behaviour

Answer: (C)

5. Select the correct option: Carbohydrate loading used by athletes means

(A) Getting energy from the blood

(B) Storing energy in muscles

(C) Spending energy during hard physical workout

(D) Generating energy per unit of time

Answer: (B)

6. Select the correct option: Common injury to the Basketball players is

(A) Head injury

(B) Interior lateral ligament injury of ankle

(C) Shoulder injury

(D) Lateral collateral ligament injury of hip

Answer: (B)

7. Select the correct option: Somatotyping profile of (4, 4, 1) is considered as

(A) Endomorph Mesomorph

(B) Endomorphic Mesomorph

(C) Balanced Mesomorph

(D) Mesomorphic Endomorph

Answer: (A)

8. Which of the following type of research is designed to create and develop organised body of 


(A) Action research

(B) Contextual research

(C) Fundamental research

(D) Applied research

Answer: (C)

9. Purposive sample is a non probability sample because it is

(A) Selected without using any selection process

(B) Chosen by throw of a dice

(C) Not randomly selected

(D) Selected at the last moment

Answer: (C)

10. During training the sensation of vomiting is caused due to

(A) Accumulation of lactic acid

(B) Adrenaline

(C) More oxygen intake

(D) Carbon dioxide

Answer: (A)