1. Select the correct option. Correct sequential order of the rings of the Olympic Flag.

(A) Blue, red, yellow, black, green.

(B) Blue, black, green, yellow, red.

(C) Blue, yellow, black, green, red.

(D) Blue, black, red, yellow, green.

Answer: (C)

2. Select the correct option. The time taken for a movement to occur from its initiation to its 

    termination is called

(A) Reaction time

(B) Reflex time

(C) Movement time

(D) Response time

Answer: (C)

3. Select the correct option. Women took part for the first time in Olympic Games in the 


(A) 100 m and 200 m

(B) Lawn Tennis and Equestrian

(C) Long jump and High jump

(D) Putting the shot and Javelin throw

Answer: (C)

4. Select the correct option. School Health Programme does not include

(A) Health Instruction

(B) Health Supervision

(C) Health Services

(D) Health Research

Answer: (D)

5. Select the correct option. Perefereal Vasoconstriction around a wound is initiated by

(A) Diathermy

(B) Hydro therapy

(C) Cryotherapy

(D) Diapulse

Answer: (C)

6. Select the correct option. From the following list identify the one which is not an approach 

    to organizational behaviour:

(A) Interdisciplinary approach

(B) Productivity approach

(C) Inter-efficiency approach

(D) Contingency approach

Answer: (C)

7. Select the correct option.

A score to which an obtained score is compared, is

(A) Data

(B) Norm

(C) Primary score

(D) Grade

Answer: (B)

8. Rationale equivalence is a method of measuring

(A) Face validity

(B) Tournament standing

(C) Reliability

(D) Objectivity

Answer: (C)

9. Select the correct option. Acetyl choline is a

(A) Excitatory chemical transmitter

(B) Inhibitive chemical transmitter

(C) Relaxative of Atrial pacemaker.

(D) Steroid form

Answer: (A)

10. If the mean of a distribution is 5.0 and the standard deviation is 0.20, its variance will be

(A) 5.0

(B) 0.04

(C) 25

(D) Square root of 5

Answer: (B)