1. A questionnaire may be either open ended or closed ended. Advantage of closed ended 

    questionnaire is

(A) It is easy to analyze.

(B) It eliminates investigator’s bias.

(C) It provides depth and variety.

(D) Its answer truly reflects respondent’s opinion.

Answer: (A)

2. Two common types of curvilinear pathways are

(A) Angular and Circular

(B) Angular and Parabolic

(C) Circular and Rotary

(D) Rotary and Angular

Answer: (B)

3. Abduction of wrist joint is also known as

(A) Ulnar flexion

(B) Radial flexion

(C) Pronation

(D) Supination

Answer: (B)

4. Select the correct option.

Competition is defined as a process through which success is measured by

(A) Determining who reaches certain level of excellence.

(B) Comparing present performance with the past performance.

(C) Standard of excellence set by those who have performed in the past.

(D) Comparing the achievement of those performing the same activity under the same circumstances.

Answer: (D)

5. Mere expression of an attitude in response to a questionnaire may cause the respondent to 

    think and alter his attitude at the time of posttest. This effect is known as

(A) Maturation effect

(B) Reactive effect

(C) Training effect

(D) Regression effect

Answer: (D)

6. Delimitations are possible shortcomings that cannot be controlled by the investigator. In a study, the researcher analyses motor fitness of Adolescents. The subjects were fifteen boys and the speed was measured by 50% dash, on a college ground with natural surface, without running shoes.

In this experiment, the limitations were

(A) Boys as subjects and natural surface as track.

(B) Only fifteen subjects and natural surface as track.

(C) Boys as subjects and running without running shoes.

(D) Natural surface as track and running without running shoes.

Answer: (D)

7. A Null hypothesis is formulated as an alternate hypothesis. Type-I error occurs when A Null 

    hypothesis is

(A) Accepted when it is true

(B) Rejected when it is true

(C) Rejected when it is false

(D) Accepted when it is false

Answer: (B)

8. Select the correct option:

Two wooden bails are placed on top of the stumps in cricket. The bails must not project more than

(A) 0.4 inches

(B) 0.5 inches

(C) 0.6 inches

(D) 0.7 inches

Answer: (B)

9. Select the correct option.

The total amount of time dedicated to training by a group of athletes/team during a specific training lesson or phase of training is referred as

(A) Absolute Volume

(B) Absolute Intensity

(C) Relative Volume

(D) Relative Intensity

Answer: (C)

10. Sociogram is a tool to measure

(A) Cooperation

(B) Team satisfaction

(C) Task orientation

(D) Affiliation and attraction among group members

Answer: (D)