1. Some of the communicational methods are

I. Interview

II. Lecture

III. Conference

IV. Manual gesture

Among the above methods, oral communication includes


(B) I, II, III


(D) IV, I, II

Answer: (B)

2. There may be variety of problems to carry out physical education programs in an 

    educational institute. Some of such problems are

I. Unionism

II. Teacher burn out

III. Safety of equipment

IV. Use of temporary personnel

Among the above problems, human resource problems include

(A) I, II, III


(C) III, IV, I

(D) IV, I, II

Answer: (D)

3. Curriculum planning should be based on

I. Understanding of the learning process.

II. Recreational value of programme.

III. Influences from society and culture.

IV. Leadership ability.

Find the correct combination.


(A) I, II


(C) I, III

(D) II, IV

Answer: (C)

4. Cognitive skills to develop cognitive ability are

I. Knowing difference between feeling & action.

II. Reading & interpreting social cues.

III. A positive attitude to life.

IV. Communicating through facial expressiveness.

Find the correct combination.


(A) I & II

(B) III & IV

(C) I & IV

(D) II & III

Answer: (D)

5. Diploma/Degree was awarded by various Universities/Boards for physical education 


I. B.P.Ed.

II. B.P.E.

III. D.P.Ed.

IV. M.P.E.

Put in sequential order based on their initiation.


(A) III, II, IV, I

(B) I, III, II, IV

(C) II, IV, III, I

(D) IV, I, II, III

Answer: (A)

6. Evaluation is

I. A continuous process.

II. Based on interactions between teacher and the learner.

III. The determination of how the objectives are achieved.

IV. Subjective assessment.

Find the correct combination.


(A) I, II

(B) II, IV


(D) I, III

Answer: (D)

7. Leadership is a behavioural process which focuses on

(A) Developing and maintaining good relationship.

(B) Influencing individuals and group towards set goals.

(C) Situational characteristics of the group.

(D) Setting goals & getting the job done.

Answer: (B)

8. Psychological foundation of Physical Education involves

I. Individual differences

II. Growth and exercise

III. Motor skill acquisition

IV. Competition and cooperation

Find the correct combination from the following codes:


(A) I & III

(B) II & IV

(C) III & IV

(D) I & II

Answer: (C)

9. The red muscle fibers contains

I. High content of glycogen.

II. Higher myoglobin content.

III. Better for aerobic work.

IV. Better for anaerobic work

Find the correct combinations.


(A) I and II

(B) I and III

(C) II and III

(D) II and IV

Answer: (C)

10. Professional preparation in physical education emphasizes on development of some 

      qualities, some of which are

(A) Creativity, accountability, academic qualification.

(B) Accountability, academic qualification, Interest in research.

(C) Academic qualification, Interest in research, creativity.

(D) Interest in research, creativity, accountability.

Answer: (D)