1. Which of the following is not related to the School Health Programme?

(A) Keeping health records

(B) Health education

(C) Controlling of diseases

(D) Health inspection

Answer: (C)

2. Solid gold medals were last given in Olympic Games in

(A) 1904

(B) 1908

(C) 1912

(D) 1920

Answer: (C)

3. Sunlight is a source of

(A) Vitamin A

(B) Vitamin B

(C) Vitamin C

(D) Vitamin D

Answer: (D)

4. Philosophical research is also known as

(A) Rational research

(B) Perceptual research

(C) Conceptual research

(D) Behavioural research

Answer: (C)

5. Sample may be big or small depends on

(A) Geographical area

(B) Demographic fluctuation

(C) Characteristics and traits of population

(D) Balance of births and deaths over time

Answer: (C)

6. When the ‘Z’ value is equal to or exceeds 2.58 one may safely conclude that the difference         between the means is significant at

(A) 0.02 level

(B) 0.01 level

(C) 0.001 level

(D) 0.05 level

Answer: (B)

7. Kraus-Weber Test measures

(A) Minimum muscular strength

(B) Absolute muscular strength

(C) Maximum muscular strength

(D) Relative muscular strength

Answer: (A)

8. Metabolic adaptation is

(A) Adjustment of metabolic rate to enhanced of work load demand

(B) Metabolic rate suspension

(C) Metabolic impulsion

(D) Adaptation of metabolic ratio

Answer: (A)

9. Which of the following is an apex body for Olympic Games?





Answer: (B)

10. First step in Sport Management is

(A) Budgeting

(B) Co-ordinating

(C) Planning

(D) Directing

Answer: (C)