1. Select the correct option: Flexion and extension take place around

(A) Medio-lateral axis

(B) Anterio Posterior axis

(C) Vertical axis

(D) Sagittal axis

Answer: (A)

2. Select the correct option Protraction and retraction take place in

(A) Hip Joint

(B) Shoulder joint

(C) Elbow joint

(D) Knee joint

Answer: (B)

3. Select the correct option:

Focus of physical education is

(A) Motion

(B) Fitness

(C) Man

(D) Man in motion

Answer: (D)

4. Select the most suitable option:

(A) Soccer is a game

(B) Soccer is a sport as well as a game

(C) Soccer is a sport

(D) Soccer is a play

Answer: (B)

5. Select that correct option: During strenuous exercise, the major reason for onset of fatigue is

(A) O2 debt

(B) Depletion of O2

(C) Lactic acid formation

(D) Increase of CO2 level

Answer: (C)

6. Which one of the following is not the part of Hydrotherapy?

(A) Wax bath

(B) Cryotherapy

(C) Whirlpool bath

(D) Contrast bath

Answer: (A)

7. Select the correct option:

Assessment of group cohesion is done through

(A) Observation during training and competition

(B) Performance tests

(C) Sociogram

(D) Knowledge based tests

Answer: (C)

8. Select the correct option:

Psychological core of personality is the most basic level of personality. It is

(A) Adjustment to environment

(B) Internal and constant

(C) Role related behaviour

(D) External & dynamic

Answer: (B)

9. Select the correct option: National Fitness Corps was introduced in

(A) 1965

(B) 1966

(C) 1967

(D) 1968

Answer: (A)

10. In which of the following places, there is no centre of Sports Authority of India?

(A) Kolkata

(B) Bangalore

(C) Patiala

(D) Chandigarh

Answer: (D)