1. When the reliability and validity of a test have already been established, it is called

(A) Objective test

(B) Teacher-made test

(C) Standardised test

(D) Subjective test

Answer: (C)

2. Which of the following is against the principles of organisation?

(A) Overlapping of authority

(B) Proper communication

(C) Proper decentralisation

(D) Delegation of power

Answer: (A)

3. How much protein a working woman should take every day?

(A) 27 gm

(B) 46 gm

(C) 37 gm

(D) 50 gm

Answer: (C)

4. The first institute in India to propagate the cause of indigenous physical activities is

(A) YMCA, Madras

(B) LNIPE, Gwalior

(C) H.V.P. Mandal, Amravati

(D) Punjab Government College of Physical Education, Patiala

Answer: (C)

5. Which one of the following is not a research tool?

(A) Stop watch

(B) Video camera

(C) Questionnaire

(D) Survey

Answer: (D)

6. The ambit within which the sports management must not perform is generally referred to as

(A) Evaluation in Sports

(B) Innovation in Sports

(C) Sphere of Sports Management

(D) Leadership in Sports

Answer: (B)

7. Advantages of Interschool sports are:

I. Development of proficiency in skills

II. Overemphasis on winning

III. Less emphasis on mass participation

IV. Development of high level of physical fitness

Find the correct combination:


(A) I, II


(C) I, IV

(D) II, IV

Answer: (C)

8. Which of the following combination of food components does not produce Heat and Energy      in the body?

I. Carbohydrates

II. Vitamins

III. Water

IV. Lipids

Select the correct answer:

(A) II & III

(B) I & II

(C) II & IV

(D) I & IV

Answer: (A)

9. Select the correct order of arrangement of the following anatomical structures in                         descending order of their locations:

(A) Xiphoid process, Glenoid cavity, Coracoid process, Acetabulum

(B) Glenoid cavity, Xiphoid process, Acetabulum, Coracoid process

(C) Coracoid process, Glenoid cavity, Xiphoid process, Acetabulum

(D) Acetabulum, Xiphoid process, Glenoid cavity, Coracoid process

Answer: (C)

10. It is alleged that Istanbul lost the bid to host 2020 Summer Olympic Game mainly due to         these reasons:

I. Geopolitical uncertainties in neighbouring country

II. Poor presentation by their officials

III. Lesser economic resources

IV. Unsure of ability to provide required standard of facilities

Find the correct combination:


(A) II & IV

(B) I & III

(C) II & III

(D) IV & I

Answer: (B)