1. Match the following sculptors with their respective mediums:

a. Satish Gujral i. Brunt Wood

b. P. Daroz ii. Bronze

c. Rabindra Reddy iii. Ceramic

d. Meera Mukherjee iv. Fibre Glass


a b c d

(A) ii iii i iv

(B) i iii iv ii

(C) iv i ii iii

(D) iii ii i iv

Answer: (B)

2. Match the following:

a. Matisse i. City Square

b. Brancusi ii. Guitar

c. Picasso iii. Bird in Space

d. Giacometti iv. The Back


a b c d

(A) ii iii i iv

(B) iv iii ii i

(C) ii iii iv i

(D) iv i ii iii

Answer: (B)

3. Match the following:

a. Identification i. Package Design

b. Consumer Appeal ii. Containment

c. Protection & Convenience iii. Consumer Acceptance

d. Economy iv. Brand


a b c d

(A) i ii iii iv

(B) iv i iii ii

(C) iii iv ii i

(D) i iii ii iv

Answer: (B)

4. Select the correct match:

a. Stop Motion i. Computer tool

b. Montage ii. Animation

c. Motion Blurs iii. Cinema

d. Lumiere Brothers iv. Visual Editing


a b c d

(A) ii iv i iii

(B) iv ii iii i

(C) iii iv i ii

(D) i iii ii iv

Answer: (A)

5. Select the correct match:

a. Toulouse Lautrec i. Illustration

b. Piet Mondrian ii. Logo

c. Mickey Patel iii. Design

d. SudarshanDheer iv. Poster


a b c d

(A) iv iii i ii

(B) iii iv i ii

(C) iv iii ii i

(D) i ii iv iii

Answer: (A)

6. The artists those initially formed the calcutta Group were

(A) Nandalal Bose, Asit Haldar, Jamini Roy, Abani Sen

(B) Nirode Mazumdar, Gopal Ghose, Rathin Maitra, Subho Tagore

(C)Abanindranath Tagore, Sunayani Debi, Hemanta Misra, Jamini Roy

(D) Ramkinkar Baij,Gobardhan Ash, Ramendranath Chakraborty, Somenath Hore

Answer: (B)

7. ‘Gates of Paradise’ was created by

(A) Auguste Rodin

(B) Lorenzo Ghiberti

(C) Masaccio

(D) Brunelleschi

Answer: (B)

8. After the drawing on litho stone the washout solution is spread, so that

(A) Stone gets smooth

(B) Drawing black pigments come out and grease set in the stone

(C) Drawing image carved

(D) Stone becomes more sensitive

Answer: (B)

9. Aluminium is etched by

(A) Caustic soda

(B) Nitric acid

(C) Ferric chloride

(D) Sulphuric acid

Answer: (A)

10. Soft ground process is used for

(A) Fine drawing

(B) Transfer the texture from textural material

(C) Polishing plate

(D) Separating grease from ink

Answer: (B)