1. In which medium, the Sculpture entitled ‘Flight’ by P.R. Pochkhanawala is made?

(A) Steel

(B) Bronze

(C) Marble

(D) Aluminium

Answer: (D)

2. Sculptor V.R. Khajuriya belonged to

(A) Bhopal

(B) Chandigarh

(C) Jammu

(D) New Delhi

Answer: (C)

3. ‘The Life of a Virgin’ is a

(A) Painting

(B) Mural

(C) Woodcut

(D) Sculpture

Answer: (C)

4. Conte is used in

(A) Painting

(B) Lithography

(C) Screen printing

(D) Sculpture

Answer: (B)

5. The term ‘Undercutting’ is related to

(A) Sculpture

(B) Etching

(C) Painting

(D) Woodcut

Answer: (B)

6. ‘Burr’ is an effect achieved on

(A) Wood

(B) Metal

(C) Canvas

(D) Stone

Answer: (B)

7. Name a graphic image editing program introduced by Adobe.

(A) Adobe Photoshop

(B) Adobe Illustrator

(C) Adobe Premiere Pro

(D) Adobe After effects

Answer: (A)

8. Who used this aphorism “Less is More”?

(A) Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe

(B) Paul Rand

(C) Alain Fletcher

(D) Ivan Charmayeff

Answer: (A)

9. Which Branding Company designed the logo of “Xerox”?

(A) Ivan Charmayeff and Thomas Geismar

(B) Sagmeister Inc.

(C) Geyrhalter & Company

(D) Adams Morioka

Answer: (A)

10. Who developed full Roman typeface for the first time?

(A) Nicholas Jenson

(B) Claude Garamond

(C) Francois Didot

(D) Giambatista Bodoni

Answer: (A)