1. Which American designer is associated with the end of manual era in Graphic Design?

(A) Shigio Fukuda

(B) Milton Glaser

(C) Wolfgang Weingart

(D) John Henry Alvin

Answer: (B)

2. What is the actual size of A4 paper?

(A) 148 mm × 210 mm

(B) 105 mm × 148 mm

(C) 210 mm × 297 mm

(D) 297 mm × 420 mm

Answer: (C)

3. As an advertising form, “Informercials” are direct response television commercials which generally include:

(A) phone number or website

(B) A door address and the PIN number

(C) A satellite and television station

(D) A radio and a shop in a Mall

Answer: (A)

4. Which American poster designer said, “Designing is thinking made visual”?

(A) Alfred Hitchcock

(B) William Blake

(C) Lazlo Moholy-Nagy

(D) Saul Bass

Answer: (D)

5. What was the dominant visual element in Obama’s first Presidential poster “Hope”?

(A) An eagle

(B) Stars & Stripes

(C) Image of Obama

(D) Obama shaking hands with Dr. Manmohan Singh

Answer: (C)

6. Sarnath Buddha image is made of which stone?

(A) Jodhpur Sandstone

(B) Chunar Sandstone

(C) Kashmir Limestone

(D) Madras Granite

Answer: (B)

7. Ambaji marble has been used for which among the following temples?

(A) Ellora

(B) Dilwara

(C) Khajuraho

(D) Konark

Answer: (B)

8. Which artist produced the “Kutum Katam” sculptures made of wood and cloth?

(A) Rabindranath Tagore

(B) Abanindranath Tagore

(C) Ramkinkar Baij

(D) Ajit Chakraborty

Answer: (B)

9. In which medium did Piraji Sagara mainly work in?

(A) Plaster of Paris

(B) Cement concrete

(C) Bronze

(D) Wood

Answer: (D)

10. The sculpture titled “Musical Construction” in wood and metal is a work by which sculptor?

(A) Raghunath Singh

(B) Dhanraj Bhagat

(C) Piraji Sagara

(D) Biman Das

Answer: (B)