MCQs on Ayurvedic Anatomy (Rachana Sharir) - 51

1. Which Marma injury manifests into Unamad?

A) Adhipati 
B) Vidhur
C) Matruka 
D) Simant

Answer: (D)

2. Shukra ………… Jeeva samyoga is called as Garbha.

A) Mamsa 
B) Shonita
C) Rasa 
D) Sandhi

Answer: (B)

3. Which of the following is not related to Garbha Vriddhikara bhava?

A) Rasaja 
B) Aatmaja
C) Matruja 
D) Beeja

Answer: (D)

4. Appearance of Shuddha Aartav is like_______.

A) Laksharasa 
B) Taila
C) Sphatikabham 
D) Drava

Answer: (A)

5. Appearance of Shuddha Shukra is like________.

A) Laksharasa 
B) Shashasruka
C) Sphatikabham 
D) None of A,B & C

Answer: (C)

6. At the top of cranium _________ chakra is located.

A) Muladhar
B) Sahastrar
C) Anahat
D) Manipur

Answer: (b)

7. The name of Fourth Kala is……...

A) Shleshmadhara Kala
B) Mamsadhara Kala
C) Majjadhara Kala
D) Medodhara Kala

Answer: (a)

8. One of following layer of Twacha is concern with Apachi vyadhi.

A) Rohini
B) Shweta
C) Avabhasini
D) Vedini

Answer: (a)

9. Number of Sandhi in Parshwa region is......

A) 34
B) 44
C) 24
D) 54

Answer: (C)

10. Mandala sandhi are present in following region except

A) Kantha
B) Hridaya
C) Greeva
D) Netra

Answer: (D)


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