1. Shape of body of Mandible is …......

A) Quadrilateral 
B) Horse-shoe
C) Triangular 
D) Circular

Answer: (B)

2. Malleolar fossa of fibula is present at ….......

A) Upper end 
B) Shaft
C) Lower end 
D) Apex

Answer: (C)

3. Supercilliary arch is present in ….......

A) Norma Verticalis 
B) Norma Occipitalis
C) Norma Frontalis 
D) Norma Basalis

Answer: (C)

4. Middle mennigeal artey passes through ….......

A) Superior orbital fissure
B) Foramen rotundum
C) Foramen spinosum
D) Foramen ovale

Answer: (C)

5 ……..surface of fibula is the shortest surface.

A) Lateral 
B) Posterior
C) Medial 
D) None of above

Answer: (C)

6. Pterion can be seen in …....... view of skull.

A) Anterior 
B) Lateral
C) Posterior 
D) Inferior

Answer: (B)

7. Which of the following muscle acts as muscle of mastication?

A) Temporalis 
B) Masseter
C) Buccinator 
D) All of above.

Answer: (D)

8. Which is the largest & strongest bone of face?

A) Maxilla 
B) Mandible
C) Frontal 
D) Zygomatic

Answer: (B)

9. Which is the lateral bone of forearm?

A) Ulna 
B) Radius
C) Tibia 
D) Fibula

Answer: (B)

10. The penalty for violation of PC&PNDT Act 1994 by RMP is proved for first offence is ……..

A) imprisonment for 3 yrs & fine upto 10,000/-
B) removal of name from register for 5 yrs
C) imprisonment for 3 yrs & fine upto 50,000/-
D) permanent removal of name from register

Answer: (B)