1:-Milch type 1 fracture is Salter Harris

A:-type 2
B:-type 1
C:-type 4
D:-type 3

Correct Answer:- Option-C

2:-Regarding excision of carpal bones

i. lunate may be excised by itself.
ii. when triquetrum is excised both lunate and scaphoid are also excised.
iii. when scaphoid is excised both triquetrum and lunate are also excised.
iv. excising pisiform is unnecessary.

A:-statements ii and iii alone are correct
B:-statements i and iv alone are correct
C:-statements i and iii alone are correct
D:-all the statements are correct

Correct Answer:- Option-D

3:-In Enneking's staging, Stage 2B is

A:-high grade extracompartmental
B:-low grade extracompartmental
C:-low grade intracompartmental
D:-high grade intracompartmental

Correct Answer:- Option-A

4:-If the MESS ischaemia score is doubled, then the time of ischaemia is more than

A:-2 hours
B:-4 hours
C:-6 hours
D:-8 hours

Correct Answer:- Option-C

5:-Multiple enchondromatosis when associated with haemangiomas of the overlying soft tissues is called

A:-Albright syndrome
B:-Maffucci's syndrome
C:-Edward syndrome
D:-Crouzon's disease

Correct Answer:- Option-B

6:-Fairbank's triangle is typically described in

A:-Slipped capital femoral epiphysis
B:-Congenital coxa vara
C:-Perthe's disease
D:-Tuberculosis of the hip

Correct Answer:- Option-B

7:-In which of the following the hip is dislocated in stage 1 of the test

A:-Barlow's test
B:-Ortolani's test
C:-Both of these
D:-None of these

Correct Answer:- Option-A

8:-When tibialis anterior and posterior are weak and the peronei are strong in the orthosis we should give ?

A:-outside iron and inner T strap
B:-inside iron and outer T strap
C:-posterior iron and anterior T strap
D:-anterior iron and posterior T strap

Correct Answer:- Option-A

9:-Gallows traction without posterior gutter splint can be given upto the age of _____ years.


Correct Answer:- Option-B

10:-In congenital pseudarthrosis tibia march fracture is seen in Boyd type


Correct Answer:- Option-A