1. ------- is mandatory to carry clinical forensic examination.

A) Day light
B) Consent
C) Assistant
D) well ventilated room

Answer: (B)

2. The sequence of medico-legal examination should be-----

A) General physical examination—Examination of specific area—consent—reference to specialist
B) consent -- General physical examination—Examination of specific area--reference to specialist
C) reference to specialist--general physical examination—Examination of specific area—consent
D) consent-- Examination of specific area-- General physical examination--reference to specialist

Answer: (B)

3. For medicolegal examination rapid and comparatively accurate probable confirmation of pregnancy can be done with…..

A) Uterine souffle 
B) Ballotment test
C) Hegar sign 
D) Immunoassay test

Answer: (D)

4. In 8-14 weeks the……..of embryo allows accurate estimation of age.

A) Gestational sac with defined white ring
B) Fetal heart reaction
C) crown ramp length 
D) Fetal echo

Answer: (C)

5. Following is not the ground of abortion under MTP Act…..

A) Therapeutic ground 
B) Eugenic ground
C) Humanitarian ground 
D) unwanted pregnancy

Answer: (D)

6. Permission of ….. is necessary for legal termination of pregnancy from 12 to 20 weeks.

A) 1st class magistrate 
B) Civil surgeon
C) two medical officers 
D) Panel of five medical officers

Answer: (C)

7. The most effective method recommended by WHO to carry MTP in 1st trimester is…..

A) Antiprogesterones 
B) combination of prostaglandin & antiprogesterones
C) Prostaglandin 
D) Langali mool

Answer: (B)

8. Cupping method is used for …..

A) induction of criminal abortion 
B) diagnosis of pregnancy
C) diagnosis of sterility 
D) treatment of hemorrhage

Answer: (A)

9. Presence of extraneous material in distal respiratory passage strongly suggestive of …...

A) still birth 
B) live birth
C) dead born 
D) premature birth

Answer: (B)

10. Antemortem bruise is differentiated from postmortem bruise by:

A) Well-defined margin 
B) Capillary rupture with extravasation of blood
C) Yellow color 
D) Gaping

Answer: (B)