1. Two major branches of Mechanics are

(A) Dynamics and kinetics

(B) Kinetics and kinematics

(C) Kinematics and Statics

(D) Statics and Dynamics

Answer: (D)

2. Select the correct option. The use of a particular method of teaching depends on

(A) Skill of the teacher

(B) Sex & age of the teacher

(C) Nature of the activity

(D) Qualification of teacher

Answer: (C)

3. Competition is processes that encompass four distinct events/stages.

I. Subjective competitive situation.

II. Response.

III. Objective competitive situation.

IV. Consequences.

Put these stages in correct sequence.


(A) I, II, IV, III

(B) III, I, II, IV

(C) IV, III, I, II

(D) II, IV, III, I

Answer: (B)

4. Select the correction option:

Leading is an important function of management. Leading involves many works such as

(A) Directing, Motivating, Monitoring.

(B) Motivating, Role modelling, Directing.

(C) Role modelling, Recruiting, Goal setting.

(D) Monitoring, Recruiting, Motivating.

Answer: (B)

5. The knowledge test demands measurement of

I. Information

II. Application

III. Recognition

IV. Reviewal

V. Appraisal

Find the correct combination.

(A) I and III

(B) I, II and III

(C) I, II and IV

(D) I, II, III, IV and V

Answer: (B)

6. The development of simple reaction time may be achieved by employing the following 


I. Repeated Reaction

II. The Analytic Method

III. The Selective Reaction

IV. The Sensomotor Method

Find the correct combination:

(A) I, III and IV

(B) I, II and III

(C) I, II and IV

(D) II, III and IV

Answer: (C)

7. The determinants of Max VO2 are

I. Capillary network

II. Atreo-venous O2 difference

III. Viscosity of the blood

IV. Sino atrial pacemaker

Select the right combination.

(A) I, II & IV

(B) I, II, III & IV

(C) I & II

(D) II & IV

Answer: (C)

8. Factors affecting development of flexibility are

I. Structure of a joint.

II. Type of a joint.

III. Age and Sex

IV. Fatigue

Find the correct combination.

(A) I and III

(B) I, III and IV

(C) I, II and III

(D) I, II, III and IV

Answer: (D)

9. Aggressive behaviour of a player is affected by

I. Hereditary

II. Emotional identification with their team.

III. Situational factors

IV. Game circumstances

Find the correct combination.

(A) II & IV

(B) I & IV

(C) I & II

(D) III & II

Answer: (A)

10. Anaerobic training enhances

I. Glycolytic capacity

II. Fibre hypertrophy

III. Mitochondrial size

IV. Electron transport system capacity.

Select the correct combination.

(A) I & II

(B) I & III

(C) I, II & IV

(D) II & IV

Answer: (A)