1. An individual’s capacity to perform a motor task refers to:

(A) Motor educability

(B) Motor performance

(C) Motor fitness

(D) Motor skill

Answer: (C)

2. A profession should have some criteria to be fulfilled. Some of them are:

I. Qualifications of the members

II. Modes of communication

III. Health and personality of the members

IV. Means of interpretation of the profession

Among them, professional organizations provide:

(A) I, II


(C) II, IV

(D) IV, I

Answer: (C)

3. A curriculum should be based on

I. Guided experience

II. Placement opportunities

III. Plans for learning

IV. Methods for achieving the objectives

V. Knowledge, skill and understanding

Find the correct combination.


(A) I, II, V, IV

(B) II, III, IV, V

(C) I, III, IV, V

(D) I, III, IV, II

Answer: (C)

4. Following are the components of physical fitness:

Find the correct combination of the components of health related fitness.

I. Cardiovascular endurance

II. Body composition

III. Speed

IV. Muscular strength and endurance

V. Flexibility


(A) I, II, III, IV

(B) II, I, IV, III

(C) III, IV, I, II

(D) I, II, IV, V

Answer: (D)

5. In the section of analysis and interpretation of data, the basic steps to be followed involve:

I. Finding out the results

II. Statistical analysis of data

III. Testing of hypothesis

IV. Discussion on the results

Arrange the above steps in proper sequence from following:

(A) II, I, IV, III

(B) I, IV, III, II

(C) IV, III, II, I

(D) III, II, I, IV

Answer: (A)

6. Emotional skills to develop emotional maturity are:

I. Self-awareness

II. Controlling impulses

III. Resisting negative influences

IV. Delaying gratification

Find the correct combination:

(A) II & III

(B) III & I

(C) II & IV

(D) I & IV

Answer: (C)

7. Changing people’s attitude to sport is explained by theoretical approaches of :

I. Cognitive dissonance theory

II. Social learning theory

III. Self-perception theory

IV. Operant conditioning theory

Find the correct combination:

(A) II & I

(B) III & IV

(C) II & IV

(D) I & III

Answer: (D)

8. Anxiety reduction techniques are:

I. Bio feedback

II. Positive reinforcement

III. Autogenic training

IV. Goal setting

Find the correct combination:

(A) IV & II

(B) I & IV

(C) II & III

(D) I & III

Answer: (D)

9. Indicate how a group becomes a team

I. Norming

II. Forming

III. Storming

IV. Performing

Put these stages in correct sequence:


(A) II, III, I, IV

(B) I, II, IV, III

(C) IV, I, III, II

(D) III, IV, II , I

Answer: (B)

10. The process of research involves many steps, some of which are:

I. Selection of problem

II. Review of related literature

III. Collection of data

IV. Analysis of data

The correct sequence of the above steps should be:

(A) I, II, III, IV

(B) II, III, IV, I

(C) III, IV, I, II

(D) II, I, III, IV

Answer: (A)