Solved Question Paper for Deputy Controller of Explosives in PESO conducted by UPSC

Solved Question Paper of Recruitment Test (Computer Based Recruitment Test) conducted by UPSC for the Post of Deputy Controller of Explosives in Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) held on 29.07.2018.

71. The number of workers in a factory is 2000, number of days lost in a year due to accident is 100 and an average number of hours worked by worker per year is 2000, and the standard number for total disability is 6000 days. If only one accident occurred during the day involving total disability of worker, the severity rate of accident is:

(a) 1625
(b) 1525
(c) 1475
(d) 1375

Answer: (b)

72. A radiation measuring instrument which measures the negatively charged ions, when a radiation is passed through a tube is:
(a) Geiger-Muller Counter
(b) Proportional Counter
(c) Scintillation Counter
(d) Crystal Dosimeters

Answer: (a)

73. If a lamp emits 60 𝑊 of radiant flux distributed uniformly in all directions. If luminous efficiency is 60 lumen/W, the luminous intensity will be:
(a) 264.4 candela
(b) 274.4 candela
(c) 286.6 candela
(d) 294.6 candela

Answer: (c)

(a) 12
(b) 14
(c) 16
(d) 18

Answer: (d)

75. The maximum permissible oil temperature for hot spot temperature of transformer winding and oil should not exceed:
(a) 70°𝐶
(b) 65°𝐶
(c) 60°𝐶
(d) 55°𝐶

Answer: (b)

76. An amendment to Factory Act, 1987 for the Provision in Industrial Act, 1948 (India) included the clause of:
(a) Prohibition of employment of women and children near cotton openers
(b) Power to require specification of defective part or tests of stability
(c) Provisions about hazardous processes and responsibilities
(d) Lifting machines, chains, ropes and lifting tackles

Answer: (c)

77. Majority of the accidents in the industry are caused by:
(a) Human error
(b) Acts of nature
(c) Mechanical failures
(d) Riots

Answer: (a)

78. The important safety aspect in metal clad switchgear installation is:
(a) Insulation
(b) Earthing system
(c) Circuit breaker
(d) Safety valve

Answer: (b)

79. Which one of the following will be used for measuring the insulation resistance between windings, winding and earth?
(a) Megger
(b) Ohmmeter
(c) Conducto meter
(d) Transducer

Answer: (a)

80. Soda acid type, Gas Pressure actuated type and Constant Air Pressure type belong to:
(a) Water expelling fire extinguishers
(b) Dry powder and carbon dioxide extinguishers
(c) Halon extinguishers
(d) Foam extinguishers

Answer: (a)



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