Solved Question Paper for Deputy Controller of Explosives in PESO conducted by UPSC

Solved Question Paper of Recruitment Test (Computer Based Recruitment Test) conducted by UPSC for the Post of Deputy Controller of Explosives in Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) held on 29.07.2018.

41. When the molten iron solidifies from the liquid state at 1539°𝐶 , the transformation is accompanied by evolution of heat, the heat remains constant till complete solidification occurs. Then the iron is in the form of:

(a) 𝛼-(Alpha)
(b) 𝛾-(Gamma)
(c) 𝛿-(Delta)
(d) 𝛽-(Beta)

Answer: (d)

42. A supersaturated solution of carbon in 𝛼-(Alpha) iron, a metastable phase of steel is called as:
(a) Austenite
(b) Bainite
(c) Martensite
(d) Cementite

Answer: (c)

43. Which one of the following types of alloy materials will be used in high temperature creep resistant application?
(a) Low melting point alloy
(b) Low oxidation resistant alloys
(c) Interstitial alloys
(d) Precipitation hardened alloys

Answer: (d)

(a) Planks Photoelectric Emission theory
(b) Einstein’s Photoelectric Emission theory
(c) Millikan’s Electromagnetic Emission theory
(d) Faradays Electromagnetic Emission theory

Answer: (b)

45. A sample of an ideal gas of volume is 0.452 L at 87°𝐶 and 0.620 atm . If the volume of sample of gas under standard temperature and pressure is 0.213 𝐿 , the number of moles in a sample will be:
(a) 0.0095 mol
(b) 0.0092 mol
(c) 0.0088 mol
(d) 0.0085 mol

Answer: (a)

(a) 0.194 atm
(b) 0.148 atm
(c) 0.108 atm
(d) 0.094 atm

Answer: (c)

47. Which one of the following materials will be used in the manufacturing of graphite electrodes in arc furnace?
(a) Naphtha
(b) Needle coke
(c) Zinc
(d) Lead

Answer: (b)

48. A natural gas containing an appreciable amount of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide is:
(a) Sour natural gas
(b) Dry natural gas
(c) Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
(d) Compressed natural gas (CNG)

Answer: (a)

49. The bright components of coals, because of their origin in wood, will be termed as:
(a) Attritus
(b) Fusain
(c) Anthraxylon
(d) Durain

Answer: (c)

50. Vitrinite found in lignite and subbituminous coal is:
(a) Xylinoid
(b) Vitrinoid
(c) Anthropoid
(d) Vitrite

Answer: (a)



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