Solved Question Paper for Deputy Controller of Explosives in PESO conducted by UPSC

Solved Question Paper of Recruitment Test (Computer Based Recruitment Test) conducted by UPSC for the Post of Deputy Controller of Explosives in Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) held on 29.07.2018.

51. An addition of a normal paraffin liquid to either a natural petroleum or coal synthetic crude oil results in the formation of a precipitate known as:

(a) Sulphur trioxide
(b) Propane
(c) Asphaltene
(d) Graphite

Answer: (c)

52. The low pressure process for the production of liquids from lower rank coals is called as:
(a) Occidental flash pyrolysis process
(b) Lurgi-Ruhrgas process
(c) Conson synthetic fuel process
(d) Co-steam process

Answer: (b)

53. Which one of the following when added to gasoline is reported to improve the quality of the fuel?
(a) Water
(b) 𝑛-Hexane
(c) 𝑛-Pentane
(d) 𝑛-Butane

Answer: (a)

54. Which one of the following materials will be extensively used as bombs, grenades, shells, torpedoes and depth charges?
(a) Nitroglycerine
(b) Tetryl
(c) Trinitrotoluene
(d) Ammonium nitrate

Answer: (c)

55. Which one of the following is the oxygen balanced explosive of either NaNO3, NH4NO3 or explosive oils such as ethylene glycol dinitrate?
(a) Hexogen
(b) Dope
(c) Amatol
(d) Tetryl

Answer: (b)

56. The substances which have high detonation velocities but are relatively insensitive to shock can act as:
(a) Primary explosives
(b) Secondary explosives
(c) Tertiary explosives
(d) Detonators

Answer: (b)

57. The gasification of coal with oxygen and steam under pressure is called as:
(a) Hexogen process
(b) Lurgi process
(c) Deflagration process
(d) Foaming process

Answer: (b)

58. The catalyst used in etherification process for production of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) is a macroreticular ion exchange resin based on:
(a) Sulfonate polyvinyl benzene copolymer
(b) Sulfonate styrene divinyl benzene copolymer
(c) Sulfonate polystyrene polyvinyl benzene copolymer
(d) Sulfonate benzene copolymer

Answer: (b)

59. In feed purification, the process step involved in hydrogen production brings about removal of sulfur compounds by hydrogenation followed by reaction with:
(a) Sodium oxide
(b) Copper oxide
(c) Aluminium oxide
(d) Zinc oxide

Answer: (d)

60. Which one of the following plasticizers is added to reduce the freezing point of the dynamite and to increase its oxygen balance?
(a) Ethyleneglycol dinitrate
(b) Tetra-nitro-methyl aniline
(c) Methylene glycol tri nitrate
(d) Ammonium Nitrate

Answer: (a)



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