Solved Question Paper for Administrative Officer in Geological Survey of India conducted by UPSC

Solved Question Paper of Recruitment Test (Computer Based Recruitment Test) conducted by UPSC for the Posts of Administrative Officer in Geological Survey of India (GSI) 23.09.2018.

31. The financial position of the Panchayats is reviewed by:
(a) a finance commission constituted by the Governor of a State.
(b) a finance commission constituted by the State Government.
(c) an audit of its account conducted by the Legislature of a State.
(d) an audit of its account conducted by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj.
Answer: (a)

32. Which one of the following statements regarding the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is NOT correct?
(a) The Speaker does not vote in the first instance
(b) The Speaker has a casting vote in case of a deadlock
(c) The Speaker vacates office if he/she ceases to be a member of the Lok Sabha
(d) The Speaker vacates office when the Lok Sabha is dissolved
Answer: (d)

33. Which one of the following statements regarding Money Bills is NOT correct?
(a) It cannot be introduced in the Rajya Sabha
(b) The Speaker of the Lok Sabha certifies that a Bill is a Money Bill
(c) In case of dispute the speaker’s certificate can be questioned in a court of Law
(d) The Rajya Sabha can return the Bill to the Lok Sabha with its recommendations
Answer: (c)

34. Which one of the following statements regarding equality of opportunity (Article 16) is NOT correct?
(a) It relates to public employment
(b) It provides that the State shall not discriminate against citizens
(c) It prevents the Parliament from making a law prescribing requirement of residence
(d) It allows the Parliament to make provisions for reservation for adequate representation of
backward classes
Answer: (c)

35. Which one among the following statements regarding Article 32 of the Constitution of India is NOT correct?
(a) It is a right to move the Supreme Court for the enforcement of fundamental rights
(b) It gives the Supreme Court the power to issue writs
(c) The Parliament can empower another court to exercise the power to issue writs
(d) The right guaranteed under this Article can never be suspended
Answer: (d)

36. In the recently conducted general election in Pakistan, which one of the following political
parties has bagged the largest number of seats?
(a) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
(b) Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz
(c) Pakistan People’s Party
(d) Muttahida Majlis - e- Amal Pakistan
Answer: (a)

37. Recently Government of India has set up a high level empowered committee to resolve the issues concerning the stressed thermal power assets of India. The committee is headed by:
(a) Secretary, Ministry of Coal.
(b) Secretary, Ministry of Finance.
(c) Secretary, Ministry of Power.
(d) Cabinet Secretary.
Answer: (d)

38. Four MoUs were signed between India and Uganda during the visit of the Prime Minister of India to Uganda in July 2018. Which one of the following is NOT one of them?
(a) MoU on Defence Cooperation
(b) MoU on Visa exemption for Diplomatic and official passport holders
(c) MoU on Trade Cooperation Framework
(d) MoU on Material Testing Laboratory
Answer: (c)

39. An outbreak of polio has been confirmed in this country 18 years after the country was declared free of the disease. A public health emergency has been declared. What is the name of the country?
(a) Uganda
(b) Rwanda
(c) Papua New Guinea
(d) Zaire
Answer: (c)

40. Who among the following players won the Golden Ball Award in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia?
(a) Harry Kane
(b) Thibaut Courtois
(c) Luka Modric
(d) Lionel Messi
Answer: (c)



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