Solved Question Paper for Senior Administrative Officer Grade I & Grade II in DRDO conducted by UPSC

Solved Question Paper of Recruitment Test (Computer Based Recruitment Test) conducted by UPSC for the Posts of Senior Administrative Officer Grade-I and Grade - II in Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) held on 22.05.2016.

111. Which one of the following is INCORRECT with reference to advantages of magnetic storage?
(a) It possesses high data density
(b) Its rate of data transfer is low
(c) Its storage capacity is unlimited
(d) It is very easy to transfer information from one place to another

Answer: (b)

112. Which one of the following is NOT an example of Operating System?
(a) Windows 98
(b) Microsoft Office XP
(c) Red Hat Linux
(d) BSD Unix

Answer: (b)

113. Normally which of the following forms of communication should be used while making a reference to Constitutional authorities like the Union Public Service Commission for routine matters?
(a) Letter
(b) Either Office Memorandum or Inter-Departmental Note
(c) Office Memorandum only
(d) Inter-Departmental Note only

Answer: (a)

114. Which one of the following statements with regard to classified documents (other than confidential) is NOT correct?
(a) Such papers are expected to be handled by the officers themselves
(b) Such papers can be handled in sections designated as ‘secret’ or ‘top secret’
(c) Every classified file has to be reviewed once in five years for reclassification
(d) On review, if a classified file is to be declassified, it must necessarily be destroyed

Answer: (d)

115. Which one of the following terms is NOT related to functioning of the Parliament of India?
(a) Prorogation
(b) Guillotine
(c) Zero Hour
(d) Abdication

Answer: (d)

116. Which of the following statements in regard to Office Memorandum as a form of communication is NOT correct?
(a) It is used by a department for corresponding with other departments
(b) It is used for obtaining information from or conveying information to its employees
(c) It is required to be written in first person
(d) It bears no salutation

Answer: (c)

117. Which of the following statements is correct in regard to making a reference to the Attorney General of India?
(a) Reference could be made by the Ministries/Departments with the approval of the Minister-in-charge
(b) Reference can be made with the approval of the Secretary of the Department
(c) Permission of the Prime Minister is required for making any such reference
(d) Reference can be made only by the Ministry of Law and Justice

Answer: (d)

118. Which one of the following is NOT correct in relation to a Starred Question?
(a) It is a Parliamentary Question which is answered orally on the floor of the House
(b) With reference to the reply given to a Starred Question, members are entitled to ask supplementary questions
(c) The supplementary questions should be anticipated intelligently and ‘Note for Supplementaies’ should be prepared for use by the Minister
(d) ‘Action Taken’ report is required to be submitted to the Parliament in respect of all Supplementary Questions

Answer: (d)

119. The Government of India (Transaction of Business) Rules do NOT specify the:
(a) authority, responsibility and obligations of each department in the matter of disposal of business allotted to it.
(b) class of cases to be submitted to the President.
(c) type of cases to be referred to the Attorney General.
(d) circumstances in which inter-departmental consultation will be necessary before the final decision is taken by a department.

Answer: (c)

120. Which one of the following statements is correct?
(a) Attached and Subordinate Offices are established under an Act of the Parliament
(b) There is no difference between Statutory and Autonomous bodies
(c) There is no difference between Statutory and Constitutional Bodies
(d) Majority shares in the Public Sector Undertakings are held by the President or his nominees

Answer: (d)



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